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Classic Helicopter Corp. | SeattleHeli Tours | Seattle Air Taxi


Winter Hours: 


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Sunday - Saturday


In operation since 1982, Classic Helicopter Corp. and SeattleHeli Tours have been training pilots and turning locals into tourists respectively for decades. Veteran owned and operated, Classic Helicopter Corp. is the only flight school in Washington State where Part 141, Federal Aviation Administration regulated,  training is available. Passionate for the science and adventure of flying, our best-in-class pilots train new pilots in Rotorcraft/Helicopter Aviation through our FAA-Regulated Flight School. 


Chief Pilot and owner Dan Dolan began working as a flight instructor and tour pilot for Classic Helicopter Corp. in 2016, where he had previously studied to achieve his pilot ratings. In 2019,  He founded Seattle Air Taxi and was actively flying for both companies until the opportunity arose in 2020 to become the Owner and President of Classic Helicopter Corp.


 As a result, Seattle Air TaxiClassic Helicopter Corp. and SeattleHeli Tours merged into one entity. Today, we provide an extensive range of flight-related services from heli tours, to a full rating Pilot Training Program, to agriculture services and everything in between. 




Our operation is located on site at Auburn Municipal Airport. Sporting the flexibility of a Class G environment with the ease of being minutes away from some of the busiest airspace in the country.


For more information about Auburn Municipal Airport, check our their website at



Image by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger

ROBINSON R44 “Clipper II”

      When Robinson Helicopter Company introduced the four seat R-44 in 1992 it quickly became one of the world’s best selling and most produced helicopters. The two-bladed, single engine helicopter is the “big sister” to the smaller two-seat R-22.


   The R-44 is one of the most economical helicopters to operate given its outstanding performance characteristics and capability when compared to a larger more expensive turbine powered aircraft. The R-44 is currently be flown all over the world in every sector of the aviation market.​​

External load limit for our R-44 is 800 pounds and is billed at $800 per hour


BELL 206 B III “Jet Ranger”

    The Bell Jet Ranger is one of the most iconic helicopters of all time.  Produced by Bell Helicopters from 1966-2010, the Jet Ranger fleet is still flying all over the world and has logged millions of flight hours. It is widely regarded as one of the safest and most reliable helicopters ever produced.


   With 4 passenger seats, a generous cargo compartment, and a max gross weight of up to 3400 pounds, the Jet ranger is an excellent and versatile choice for many applications.

External load limit for our Bell 206B3 is 1500 pounds and is billed at $1600 per hour. 

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