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ROTORCRAFT/HELICOPTER | Robinson R22, R44, & S300


Once you have your Commercial Pilot Certificate, it’s time to start thinking about your first paying job as a helicopter pilot which for most people is working as a certified flight instructor. Many people choose this path because they want an opportunity to pass on the skills and knowledge they received during their training to a new student and in the process improve their own understanding.

During this training course you will learn the fundamentals of instruction, including how to teach ground training topics and flight maneuvers while also learning how to appropriately respond to student’s actions in flight. During the flight portion, you will learn how to teach flight skills and maneuvers effectively and efficiently to your students. Learning common student pitfalls and how to avoid them is also covered in your training. By employing scenarios, real-world situations and knowledge from our most senior instructors, you will learn how to use this information to best educate your students.

Course Details

This course includes three stages of training which must be completed consecutively. Those students coming to the US on a student visa, or those utilizing veteran's benefits or the Alaska Student Loan Program must complete Stage One within 180 days each for a maximum course total of 360 days.


  1. Hold a valid Commercial Pilot Helicopter Certificate 

  2. Obtain an FAA Third Class Medical Certificate (VA students must obtain a Second Class Medical)

  3. Pass an FAA Flight Instructor Knowledge Test

  4. Pass an additional FAA Knowledge Test on the Fundamentals of Instruction

  5. Pass an FAA Helicopter Flight Instructor Practical Test

  6. Obtain a minimum of 25 Hours of flight time and 40 hours of ground instruction as per course outline 

  • 25 hours of dual instruction​​

    • Aircraft Rental - 25.0 hrs. ​

    • Instructor (Flight - Basic) –– 22.0 hrs 

    • Instructor (Flight - Stage Check) 3.0 hrs 

  • 40 hours of ground instruction 

    • Instructor (Ground - Advanced) –– 40.0 hours ​

(For VA students only) –– 10.0 hours of preflight/postflight 





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