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Classic Helicopter is located in Auburn Municipal Airport at: 

2301 E ST NE

Auburn, WA 98002

Sporting the flexibility of a Class G environment with the ease of being minutes away from some of the busiest airspace in the country. Auburn is truly an amazing airport to learn to fly at. For more information about Auburn Municipal Airport, check out their website at:


Image by Sebastian Garcia


      To receive flight training at Classic Helicopter, it is required that students read, speak, and understand the English language and are at least sixteen years of age. To attain Private Pilot Certification, the student must be seventeen years of age, and attain Commercial Pilot Certification, the student must be eighteen years of age. Students must hold a current medical certificate. Also, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires that all domestic students who wish to receive flight training must prove that they are U.S. citizens or nationals at the time of enrollments by presenting the school with original birth certificate and government-issued picture ID or a valid, unexpired U.S. passport. This is in accordance with 49 CFR 1552.3(h).


Prior to enrolling in Part 141 flight training programs, students are required to provide Classic Helicopter with a copy of the appropriate medical certificate issued by an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). This includes students coming to the United Staes on a student visa, or those utilizing veteran benefits or the Alaska Student Loan Program. Students enrolling under Part 61 must provide Classic Helicopter Corp. with a copy of the appropriate medical certificate prior to solo practice. We can provide a list of FAA authorized AMEs throughout the United States and in the local Seattle area. At this time, all courses offered at Classic Helicopter require a Third Class Medical Certificate. Please note: Veteran students using their VA benefits to enroll in the Part 141 advanced courses must hold a Second Class Medical Certificate at the time of enrollment. 


Classic Helicopter Corp. conducts year-round flight training, Monday through Sunday, 8:00am - 7:00pm. Lessons are scheduled in two-hour blocks at 8:00am, 10:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm, and 5:00pm. We observe Thanksgiving day and Christmas day by closing flight operations. 


Because Classic Helicopter provides year-round one-on-one instruction, students may enroll anytime during the year. Upon enrollment, the student is required to deposit $2,000 on their account at Classic Helicopter Corp. or pay for all fees and training at the time of service. This deposit is applied towards start-up supplies and mandatory insurance fees. The remaining balance of the deposit is applied towards flight and ground instruction. 


Classic Helicopter requires a $400 one-time only, non-refundable insurance fee at the time of enrollment. This fee is deducted from the initial $2,000 deposit, and it insures the student pilot for a 10% aircraft hull insurance deductible for all future solo flight practice and all future helicopter rental flights when a Classic Helicopter instructor is not on board. Students enrolling in courses that do not require solo flight (CFI and CFII) are not required to pay this insurance fee and will have their files marked, "Solo Flight Not Authorized".

Classic Helicopter requires students to pay all accumulated fees upon completion of each lesson. If funds are deposited into an open account, the student will be notified when nearing a zero balance so additional funds can be deposited. With prior approval, state and federal funding agencies can deposit funds into an open account on behalf of the student. We accept cash, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, and DiscoverCard. 



Classic Helicopter will refund all funds deposited on a student's account, less any indebtedness, provided we are notified, in person or in writing, 15 business days in advance of the desired refund date. Students who receive state or federal funding and who wish to withdraw from flight training, must notify Classic Helicopter Corp. in writing, and all funds, less indebtedness, will be returned to the issuing agency. 


A student may receive credit for prior training if an FAA Certified Flight Instructor has endorsed the training. Classic Helicopter Corp. will require a logbook review, and a Flight Check or Knowledge Test or both will be conducted. The maximum transferable credit for a student enrolling in a Part 141 training course is dependent upon the training conducted and is applicable at a rate of either 25% or 50% of the total course requirements. 


Classic Helicopter maintains a permanent Flight Training Record that documents the progress of each student. While the logbook belongs to the student, the Flight Training Record is retained by the flight school to ensure accurate recording and completion of the training course. A copy of this record will be available to the student upon request. 


Part 141 and Part 61 flight training courses are divided into stages. At the end of each stage, the student is tested on the information required by the stage. The test results become part of the Flight Training Record, allowing Classic Helicopter, the FAA, and federal and state student funding agencies to track the progress of each student. 

This process is especially significant for a student enrolled in Part 141 courses that comes to the U.S. on a student visa, or those students utilizing veteran benefits or the Alaska Student Loan Program. These students must complete each stage of training within the allotted time period. If the stage is not completed within the allotted time, the student will lose the privileges associated with the respective program. 


At the end of each stage of the enrolled course, Part 141 and Part 61 students perform a Stage Check with Classic Helicopter's Chief or Assistant Chief Flight Instructor. This consists of an Oral Examination and a Flight Examination. Both exams must be passed for the Stage Check to be graded "Satisfactory". Part 141 students are also required to take a Knowledge Test at the end of each stage. These tests are graded with a standard percentage grading system with 70% as the minimum-passing grade. 


Classic Helicopter requests that students provide a minimum of four hours notice for a flight or ground session cancellation. The first "no call, no show" incident will result in a warning, any proceeding incidents will result in the student being charged the full rate of a one hour session. 


This dismissal policy is designed to inform and guide all enrolled students: 

  • Any student with three "no call, no show" incidents is subject to dismissal;

  • Any student who violates flight school regulations or FAA regulations is subject to dismissal; 

  • Any student who intentionally abuses or misuses aircraft, other equipment or displays an unhealthy attitude toward flying, the flight school or its personnel, is subject to dismissal;

  • Any student who is enrolled in a Part 141 course and does not adhere to the completion guideline is subject to dismissal. A notice of termination will be submitted to the Department of Veteran Affairs for those students using Veteran's Benefits.


If a student has a grievance with flight school policy or procedure or with an instructor, the President and Chief Flight Instructor should be notified so the grievance can be discussed and resolved. If the grievance is not resolved, the Classic Helicopter administrative staff will assist the student and flight training staff with the resolution process. Classic Helicopter staff maintains an open door policy and it is the desire of the entire organization to educate, encourage, and deliver constructive and beneficial service to all students. 


Classic Helicopter's reputation for flight training excellence combined with our contacts within the industry provides employable pilots with a network of job placement possibilities. Most helicopter operators require pilots to hold a Commercial Pilot Helicopter Certificate, a Flight Instructor Certificate, and have 200 hours of helicopter flight time. Due to insurance requirements, some helicopter operators require a helicopter safety course in the make and model of the helicopter the pilot will be flying. Upon request, Classic Helicopter may provide graduated students with referrals and a letter of recommendation


Each student, upon completion of the enrolled course of study, receives a Certificate of Completion and a recommendation from the course instructor for the FAA Practical Test. The instructor will schedule the student's Practical Test with an FAA DPE. 


For students who cannot commute daily to Classic Helicopter from their homes, we have a range of temporary housing options available for a fee.For assistance with reservations, please call Classic Helicopter Corporation at 206.767.0515. 





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