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We Make it Happen. 



As an FAA-Certified Part 133 external load operator, Classic Helicopter Corp. has the aircraft and expertise to exceed your expectations on the job site!

Our available aircraft include a Bell 206b3 and an R-44 Clipper II. Both aircraft are highly capable with a long history of safe, efficient, and cost effective operation.

Image by Daniel Olah

Weather is no longer a concern.

​          In some cases, Mother Nature needs a little help. We can help pollinate, dry, and protect crops to make your job a little easier this season. 

Image by Nick Fewings


Every year in the PNW, the spring rain threatens to destroy our cherry crops. Using a helicopter is one of the most efficient & effective means of drying the cherries and protecting the harvest. If you're a cherry farmer and in need of a helicopter and pilot for the upcoming season, give us a call.

Image by Max R.


Many varieties of crops are threatened by frost settling on them at a critical stage of development. On calm and clear nights, a layer of warmer air settles above the crops. The function of the helicopter is to fly over the crop and draw the warm air downwards to prevent damage to the crops.


Image by zibik


In some cases, Mother Nature needs a little help circulating seeds and pollen. As a result of design, helicopters produce a strong and varied circulatory pattern of air below and in all directions projecting outward from the helicopter. Under the right circumstances, this feature has been shown to be very effective in aiding crop pollination.


Image by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger

ROBINSON R44 “Clipper II”

      When Robinson Helicopter Company introduced the four seat R-44 in 1992 it quickly became one of the world’s best selling and most produced helicopters. The two-bladed, single engine helicopter is the “big sister” to the smaller two-seat R-22.


   The R-44 is one of the most economical helicopters to operate given its outstanding performance characteristics and capability when compared to a larger more expensive turbine powered aircraft. The R-44 is currently be flown all over the world in every sector of the aviation market.​​

External load limit for our R-44 is 800 pounds and is billed at $800 per hour


BELL 206 B III “Jet Ranger”

    The Bell Jet Ranger is one of the most iconic helicopters of all time.  Produced by Bell Helicopters from 1966-2010, the Jet Ranger fleet is still flying all over the world and has logged millions of flight hours. It is widely regarded as one of the safest and most reliable helicopters ever produced.


   With 4 passenger seats, a generous cargo compartment, and a max gross weight of up to 3400 pounds, the Jet ranger is an excellent and versatile choice for many applications.

External load limit for our Bell 206B3 is 1500 pounds and is billed at $1600 per hour. 

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